Please read everything on this page before ordering.
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  • I have the right to not accept an order
  • I have the right to not complete / cancel an order
  • If you do not follow the rules, I have the right to deny future orders
  • You must save & re-host/re-upload the images/files (read more below)
    Re-hosting files
  1. You must be serious about wanting a design. (I do not want my time / care to go to waste)
  2. You must have the design(s) up for at least 1 Month (30 days)
  3. Do not claim my work as yours
  4. You must give credit in the sidebar/credit area/tweet to:
  5. Do not make changes to the design(s) once sent to you (I will make changes)
  6. Photos must be high quality & not tagged (photoshoots are preferred)
  7. To prove that you have read and agree to the rules; colors is the keyword
  • I only accept payment via PayPal!
  • All prices are listed in United States Dollar (USD)
  • Make sure to pick “send to friends/family” when sending payment
  • The prices cover the paypal fee (read more below)
    PayPal Fee
  • Once I finish your order, I will send a preview
  • When you are happy with the design, I will ask you to send the payment to my PayPal email
  • I will send the final product (files) when I receive the payment


  • I usually take at least 1 week to complate a graphic design.
  • I usually take at least 2 weeks to complete a coded design
  • Your order will take longer to complete depending on the number of orders ahead of you
  • I will try my best to personally contact you if the order takes longer than expected
  • The more details, preferences and/or examples you put in your order, the better I can complete your order


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# Package Name Price Notes
  01.   WordPress Theme $10.05 (with options)
  02.   Coppermine Theme $8.05 (with options)
  03.   Matching WordPress & Coppermine Themes $18.05 (with options)
  04.   Tumblr Theme or Page prices on page
  05.   One Header $3.05 (with options)
  06.   Two Matching Header $3.55 (with options)
  07.   Two Separate Header $6.05 (with options)
  08.   Social Media Layout $4.05 (with options)
  09.   Icon or Blend prices on page
  10.   Picture or GIF prices on page
  11.   Desktop Wallpaper $2.55 each (with options)
  12.   Device Home/Lock Screen $1.05 each (with options)
  13.   Screen Captures prices on page
  14.   Theme or Platform Installation/Setup prices on page
  15.   Theme Customization $1.55 + price varies depending on work
  16.   Combination add up packages need more than 1 package?
  SE.   Something Else price varies need something not listed?