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1. Finding Photos

• Tips
• Where to Look (websites)
• Sites to Avoid
• Remove Watermarks (Photoshop)
• Renaming Files
• File Order

2. Websites / Extensions

• Save Images (right click, editing url, reverse image search)
• Download Instagram Photos (+ videos / stories)
• Getty Images *trick*
• Just Jared / Just Jared Jr. (photos)

3. Programs

JDownloader2 — Download media from websites (photos. videos)
WinX YouTube Downloader — Download YouTube Videos
Free Video to JPG Converter — Make screenshots (pictures) from videos
FS Viewer (Fast Stone Image Viewer) — Bulk rename & resize photos (WxH)
Batch Purifier — Match remove information from JPG/JPEG files
Windows File Explorer Properties — Batch remove information from image files
Caesium — Bulk compress images size (file size)
Batch Rename Utility — Bulk rename files within File Explorer



TipsWhere to Look (Websites)Sites to AvoidRemove WatermarksRenaming FilesFile Order


• Our goal is to get the biggest/HQ version of an image.

• ALWAYS try to find & save from the original source

• Try to stay to official/source websites (Official Magazine / Interview website, getty, photographer, etc.)

• Stay away from social media websites – especially fan accounts (twitter, Instagram, pinterest)

• You can grab from Fletcher’s accounts OR photographer/stylist/magazine – as they may be the original

• I only look at fan accounts to see if they credit the original photographer/source.
For example: If I see a new photoshoot photo, I will check who is tagged (usually the photographer, stylist, makeup artists, etc) they may have bigger versions or additions.

• Just Jared / Just Jared JR. — Most of the time, JJJ gets their images from getty, but they also get their photos from other sources. You can check their sources in the post footer. If there is a source other than getty, get all photos (may have to delete duplicates)

• While going through multiple sources for the same event, you may get duplicates. I advise to get all photos, then go back through the folder & delete duplicates. Keep the biggest version

I have a technique to finding photos and there’s usually 3 methods

Method 1 — Check Getty (knowing FLETCHER had an event)

1. Grab the images from getty (using the “trick” shown below in website / extentions)

2. Check other websites that may have more images (Just Jared / Jr., Official website of event, etc)

Method 2 — FLETCHER Has Posted About It

FLETCHER will often post photos from magazine features, interviews (that have a photoshoot with them), behind the scene photos, photo shoots, other events.

1. Check FLETCHER’s instagram & twitter

2. Check/See the accounts she has tagged / @mentioned

3. If photographer, stylist, makeup artist is tagged: Check their accounts & official websites

*This will often lead you to the official website for Magazine / interview websites (ex:

Method 3 — Check FLETCHER’s tagged photos

1. Go to FLETCHER’s instagram & go to her tagged photos tab

2. Look through for new photos (photographers, stylists, makeup artists post her too)

This method works great for concert/tour photos as attendees will post the photos they’ve taken.

Avoid news fan accounts as they repost from original poster and ruin the quality (ex: Fletcheritalty, fletcherdaily, etc)

• Any website that credits getty (the “trick” gets the biggest size available)

Just Jared / Just Jared Jr. — ONLY FOR GETTY images. They get photos from getty and shrink them

Zimbio — They get photos from getty & downsize them

Any FLETCHER “News/Update” account (@fletcheritaly, @fletchersupport, etc) on instagram / twitter — They take from the original poster and it ruins the quality & size

Some websites (ex: Just Jared) will add a watermark & yellow border to their images. These are easily removable with photoshop

1. Save the image (with the watermark)

2. Open the image in photoshop

3. Use the Selection tool & drag over the area(s) you want to select (hold down shift & drag for additional selection)

For an image from Just Jared Jr, it should look something like this


4. With the selection tool still active, Right click on the image & Click “Fill”  
5. In the window, from the contents dropdown, click “Content-Aware”. Make sure opacity is 100%

6. Click “OK”

This should cover the yellow border and watermark – making it look like an untouched photo.


I use a bit of a format for re-naming files/photos

It’s usually:

  • Event name / acronym (year if needed)
  • Category Suffix if needed
  • Three digit number


Single Example: Beautycon Festival NYC (2018) = beauty-con_001, beauty-con_002, etc  

(full size)

Multiple Example: sometimes many different photos are taken at the same event: Wango Tango

  • Red Carpet (go in appearances) = wango-tango-app_001, wango-tango-app_002, etc
  • Performance (go in performances) = wango-tango-perf_001, wango-tango-perf_002, etc
  • Portraits (go in photoshoots) = wango-tango-ps_001, wango-tango-ps_002, etc


(full size)

(full size)

Event with Year: Sometimes, celebrities will attend the same event year after year. I often add the year to these: MTV Music Awards (2019, 2020)

  • 19mtv-music-awards_001, 19mtv-music-awards_002
  • 20mtv-music-awards_001, 20mtv-music-awards_003

(seein above in multiple – 19wt)

Acronym: sometimes, events have a really long name and I’m too lazy to type out the whole thing.

  • Universal Music Group’s 2019 Grammy’s After Party = umg-grammy-ap_001.jpg

(seein above in multiple – 19wt)





There are a few ways I organize the photos in each album, It doesn’t have to be perfect, but close enough


• Red Carpet → Interview → Backstage

• Closest to furthest (headshot → Half Body → full body)

• By Number of people (FLETCHER solo → 2 People → 3 people +)

• Black & White (at the end of appropriate set)

• Accessories Closeup / no face (at the end of appropriate set)

(full size)


• By Outfit — A lot of photoshoots feature multiple outfits (start with most popular/seen first)

• Black and white

• Polaroid

Performances / Tours

• Professional / HQ

• Fan taken / grainy / hard to make out

• Color (rainbow order – red + pink / orange + yellow + brown can be together)

• Black and white

• Far away

Music – Albums & EPS

• Official Artwork

• Acoustic / Remixes

• Singles (from albums) First → last released

• Merch: Single → Group

Music – Singles & Collaborations (non-album/ep)

• Newest → Oldest released

• Official → Remixes artwork

Music – Music Videos

• Newest → Oldest

• Official Screen captures (in order of video)

• Other version(s) captures (in order of video)

• Behind the scenes (in order of video if screen captured)

Series & Films

• Screen captures (in order of video)

• Behind the scenes

Magazine Scans

• In page order

• Single Page (of each)

• Double page (when in order)


• By year (Newest → Oldest)



Save Images From WebDownload Instagram PhotosGetty Images *Trick*Just Jared

Saving photos from a website (magazine, press, etc.) is pretty easy, but there are some work arounds you may have to do

Method 1 — Check URL for Limitations
Sometimes image URLS have wording that limits the size of the shown image.1. ALWAYS Right click > Open image in new tab

(full size)

 2. Check the URL for any wording after the file ending (.jpg/.png), or anything that mentions limits or versions



(full size)

3. Remove the highlighted part = goes to original/bigger file

(see the file dimensions change in the tab title)

(full size)

Sometimes you’ll get a double photo (common on magazine websites) like this, and you’ll have to edit the/crop to get make them 2 separate images
Method 2 — Inspector

Sometimes, right click > copy image url / open image in new tab is not possible. This is when we use the inspector.

1. Open the Inspector (right click > Inspect)

2. Go to the “Network” tab and

3. Make sure “Images” is selected

4. Reload / Refresh the webpage

(full size)

5. Go back to the inspector window

6. Find the image in the list

7. Right click and click “Open in new tab”

*May need to do step 2 of method 1 (check the url)



(full size)

Method 3 — Search By Image with Google

If you’ve found a photo, but don’t think it’s the full size, do a reverse image search with google

1. Right click on image

2. Hover over “Search Image By” and click “Google” (I use the “Search By Image” extension)

(full size)

 3. Click “View All Sizes”

From the image results, pick the one that is the biggest size (see pixels)

OR You can

  1. Copy the image URL
  2. Go to
  3. Click the camera icon
  4. Paste the Image URL


Method 1 – Inflact

1. Go to the Instagram post you want to download

2. Copy the URL (this post is a set of 3 photos)

(full size)
3. Go to

4. Paste the URL in the blank

5. Click “Download Photo”

(full size)

6. (Let the page load) Scroll down and download the photos by clicking “Download” on each photo



Method 2 — Browser Extension

I use “Media Helper for Instagram”

1. Go to the Instagram post you want to download

2. Hover over the post & you will see the Media Helper for Instagram icon (red outline)

3. Click the icon (windows explorer will open)

4. Save the file/photo where you want

For photos sets

5. Click the white arrow to go to the next photo (green outline)

6. Follow steps 2-4 from above (for each photo)

(full size)


Getty images has a tag on every HQ/big sized photo. I have a “Trick” to remove them. Make sure to have photo editor open (ex: Photoshop)

• Go to – on the front page, make sure you have “Editorials” selected

• Search Fletcher (& use the filters to narrow down results – a lot of “Fletchers”)

• I recommend using the “Events” option

• Select “Newest” in the filters tab

1. Click the event/group you want to get photos from

*there may be multiple groups of the same event – grab all

(full size)

You will do the following for EACH photo that you want to get

2. Click the image you want to get


(a new window will open) Click the image to view full size

Right click on the tagged photo & copy


(full size)

5. Paste the Image into Photoshop

(The full sized image should have 2048 either in the Width or Height)

(full size)

Go back to Getty – From the thumbnails (event/group)

6. Right click on the same/matching thumbnail & Click “Copy image”

7. Paste the thumbnail into Photoshop (on the same document – as top layer)

8. Resize / Stretch Image to full size (of document / tagged image)

(Drag the corners to the edges/corners on the document)

the thumbnail image should be covering the tagged image

9. Hide/Turn off the top layer (thumbnail)

10. Using the Rectangular Selection tool select the tags (hold down shift & drag for additional selection)


(full size)

11. Unhide/Turn on the top layer (thumbnail)

If you hide all of the layers under the top, it should just have the selections


(full size)

12. With all of the layers visible again, Delete the 2nd (from top) layer

The layers panel should now have

  • Top: Selections
  • Bottom: Tagged photo

The selections from the resized thumbnail should be covering the tagged area of the image


ALL DONE! — Make sure to save as JPG and that the file is under 1MB (I set 700-900kb)

Here’s a quick video of the whole process


Just Jared / Just Jared Junior kind of hides their full sized images, Here’s how to get them

1. Open the post you want to get photos from (click the title)

2. Click the Image you want the full size version of
3. Click “Zoom”

You’ll be taken to the full sized image (fullsize will be in the url)

4. right click > “Save image as”

5. Remove the watermarks and yellow border in photoshop



JDownloader 2WinX YouTube DownloaderFree Video to JPG ConverterFS Viewer (Fast Stone Image Viewer)Batch PurifierWindows File Explorer PropertiesCaesiumBatch Rename Utility

I often use JDownloader 2 to download a list of photos from a website by copying their URLs


1. Copy and paste each image url (paste into text editor – Ex: Notepad / Sublime text 4)

  • Right click on image > Click “Copy image URL/Link” 
  • Paste links into text editor (1 link per line)

2. Remove all limitations/extras from the URLs

(full size)

3. Select all of the links & copy them

In JDownloader

4. Click the “Link Grabber” tab

5. Make sure the following is CHECKED:

  • Custom Views
  • Offline files
  • File Types
  • Images
  • Hoster
  • (Website of photos when it appears)

6. Right click & click “Add New Links” [jd2-copy-links]


(full size)

7. Right click & Paste the links into the box (red outline)

8. Choose where you want the photos to be saved (red outline) [jd2-paste-links]

9. Click continue

(full size)

The list of files should load (May have to uncheck hoster)

10. Click “Start All Downloads”

(full size)

Progress Bars for each file should start loading and the photos should be downloaded into the folder selected

(full size)

Download videos from YouTube


1. Go to the YouTube video you want to download

2. Copy the URL

In WinX YouTube Downloader

3. Click Add URL” & Paste it

4. Analyze the URL (Click “Analyze”)

(full size)

5. Choose the highest resolution in .mp4 format

6. Click “Download Selected Videos”


(full size)

7. Choose where you want the video to be saved

8. Click “Download Now”

The video should download.


Sometimes, a protection warning will pop up. If this happens, try a website that downloads YouTube videos.

Get Screenshots from videos


1. Click “Add Files”

2. Choose the video you want to get screenshots from


3. Select “Every 1 Seconds”

4. Choose where you want the images to save

5. Click “Convert”

(full size)

A progress window will show. Once it is done, the photos will be saved to a folder,
6. Open the folder & short through the photos

7. Delete any that are:

  • Duplicates / not much change
  • Funny / Bad faces
  • Doesn’t show Fletcher’s face

* Red = delete / Green = keep

8. Move the files to the appropriate folder if needed


Use this file viewer to

  • Bulk Resize Images
  • Bulk Rename Images
  • Sort through screenshots (bigger thumbnails than file exporer)



All photos uploaded to the gallery must be 3000px or smaller on both width & height

1. Go to/Open the folder of the images needing resized

2. Right Click in the thumbnail/files view – Click “New Folder” & Name it

3. Select all of the photos that need resized (CTRL + A)

4. Right click on an image

5. (from the menu) Hover over “Tools” & click “Batch Convert”

A window will pop up with settings – set them as:

  • On the left = the folder that is opened
  • On the right = Make sure all of the files are added to the list (yellow outline)
  • Output Format: JPEG (yellow outline)
  • Output folder: choose the new folder you just created (red outline)
  • Check “Use Advanced Options (Resize)”

6. Click “Advanced Options” next to “Use Advanced Options (Resize)”

(full size)

A new window will popup – make sure you’re in the “Resize” tab

7. Make the settings as followed:

  • Check “Resize”
  • Choose “Resize based on one side”
  • Preferred Side: Long Side
  • Exactly = 3000
  • Check: Do not resize if image is already smaller than requested sise
  • Check: If image not resized, copy original file to output folder

Click “OK”

(full size)

8. Back in convert window, click “Convert”

A Progress window will come up – Click done when it’s finished

All resized photos will be in the new folder. Make sure to delete or overwrite the bigger (than 3000px) photos


1. Go to/Open the folder of the images needing renamed

2. Select all photos that need renamed (CTRL + A)

3. Right click on an image

4. (from the menu) Hover over “Tools” & click “Batch Rename”

5. A window will pop up with settings – set them as:

  • On the left = the folder that is opened
  • On the right = Make sure all of the files are added to the list (yellow outline)
  • Template: The new file names & _### (name_001, name_002, etc)

6. Click “Rename”

(full size)

A progress window should pop up – Click done when all is finished


Just like windows file explorer, FS Viewer has the ability for bigger thumbnails and bigger image preview

My current layout is

• Thumbnails

• Browser View (Right)

(full size)

 To change the thumbnail size

1. Click Settings

2. Click settings again

3. Click the “Thumbnail” tab

4. Click the “Thumbnail size” dropdown menu to pick a new size

5. Click OK

6. It will ask if you are sure you want to change sizes, click “YES”


(full size)


Use this program to clear metadata (file data/information) from JPG/JPEG files.


You can add certain files, one folder or a main folder and include all of the folders within it

1. Click “Options” to set constant settings

  • Include subfolders
  • Overwrite original files
  • Select all filters

2. Open files or folder

3. Click “Next”

5. Make sure “Do not preserve any metadata” is selected & click “Next”
6. Make sure “Overwrite original files” is selected & click “Next”

A progress page will show with completion and any errors.

You can use Windows File Explorer to clear file information (comes with windows computer – default folder/file finder)

1. Go to the files you want to clear

2. Select all of the files you want to clear

3. Right click > click “Properties”

4. Click the “Details” tab

5. Click “Remove properties and personal information”

6. Select “Remove the following properties from this file”

7. Click “Select All” and then “OK”

(full size)

Use this program to batch:

  • Compress file sizes.
  • Resize (WxH) photos


1. Click the Open folder with Picture Icon Open the files you want to compress

2. Select all of the files

(full size)

3. Go down to Compression options

4. Adjust the quality as needed (start high – go lower)

5. Click preview” as you make the adjustments

*Stop once you hit 700-900KB

*Do not want anything in the 1,000KBs

(full size)

6. Go down to Output and choose a new folder to save the compressed photos to

7. Click “Compress”

8. Delete the old photos

*You can also resize images (WxH) if needed

(full size)


Use this program to bulk rename files from within the Windows File Explorer


(From the Windows File Explorer) Go to the photos you want to rename

2. Select all of the photos you want to rename

3. Right click & click “Bulk Rename Here”

4. In the Bulk Rename Utility window go to:

• Name: type whatever you want to rename the files (no spaces recommended) it will automatically change to “fixed”

• Numbering: Mode = suffix / start = 1 / pad = 3 (2 zeros)

*Play with the other settings if needed

5. Click “Rename”

All files will be given the new name / overwritten


(full size)