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1. Gallery

• Category Name
• Album Name

2. Posts

• Photos Added to the Gallery
• Video / Audio (Media)
• Written Interview (Magazine / Website)
• New Music / Announcement

3. Pages

• Text List
• Media Table
• Project Information

I highly recommend having a look around the gallery and at the posts on the website (and to learn the formats.

Category NameAlbum Name
When making a new category within the main ones, it usually includes a year

• Appearances, Photoshoots, Magazine Scans: Year = 2022

• Music Video, Tours, Series, Albums: Name/Title (year) = Her Body is Bible (2022)

• Miscellaneous: Topic


– Add year if they’ve attended years before or it’s in the event name

– Add quotation marks around a movie title

Date • Event

Date • Event (Year)

Date • “Title” Event

December 13 • Z100 Jingle Ball

June 1 • Wango Tango (2019)

January 25 • “Promising Young Women” Premiere


Official – magazines, interviews, official websites/campaigns

Small Sets – aka random/small from social media

Behind the Scenes – On the set of the photoshoot

Title (who it’s for)

Set # (year)

Title (who it’s for) (Year)

Teen Vogue

Set #33 (2022)

Teen Vogue (2021)


Date • City, Sate


Date • City, Province (Canada)

Other Countries

Date • City, Country

United States
August 11 • Austin, TexasCanada April 16 • Toronto, Ontario (Canada)Other CountriesJune 23 • London, United Kingdom
MUSIC (singles / collabs) Title (Year)

Title [with Artist] (Year)

Healing (2021)

Butterflies [with MAX] (2021)

MUSIC VIDEOS Screen Captures

Other Video

Behind the Scenes (Stills)

Behind the Scenes Video

Screen Captures (HQ)

Visualizer (HQ)

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes (HQ)


Episode # • Episode Title


Album Topic


Episode 1 • Road to the Show



Screen Captures (HQ)

Behind the Scenes

MAGAZINE SCANS Month (Year) • Magazine Name October 2020 • Fault Magazine
MISCELLANEOUS Album Topic Posters



Photos Added to the Gallery (most popular)Video / Audio (media)Written Interview (magazine / website)New Music / News
This is the most popular/used post.

1. The description

  • Occasion (bold)
  • Location
  • Date
  • Photos have been added to the gallery


FLETCHER performed in Austin, Texas on March 11 as part of her 2022 Tour. Photos from the concert and soundcheck have been added to the gallery.


2. Photos Links (add photos & link them)

  • Copy the Image (of the thumbnail)
  • Paste the Image into the post [visual tab] (CTRL + V) (do this at least 4 times)
  • Just the photos (if 1 album)
  • Title/Category & the photos (if multiple albums)
  • Copy the gallery album link / Paste the link to each photos (click the photo > add link)

3. Gallery Link

  • Copy & paste the gallery/album breadcrumb into the post (do not include “Home”)
  • Only link the album name
  • Wrap all links in <div class=”glink”> & </div>
  • One link per line



1. Description

  • Fletcher
  • Occasion (bold – titles are italic)
  • Date
  • Action (listen / watch below)

Example for Music Video:

The official music video for “Her Body is Bible” is out now! You can watch the video below. High quality screen captures have been added to the gallery.

Example for Audio Interview:

FLETCHER was on the Joy: The Sound of Now show on September 9th. Listen to the interview below.

2. Embed the audio/video

  • From YouTube (share > copy embed code)
  • Link to file – must end in .mp4 or .mp3 (Add Media > from URL > Paste link)



3. Photos (if screen captures)

4. Gallery Link (if photos)

1. Description

  • Fletcher
  • Occasion (website name/magazine issue)
  • Actions: photos/scans have been added
  • Read more (italic)


FLETCHER is on the cover of On the Move Magazine (Summer Edition 2019 #25). High quality scans and the photoshoot have been added to the gallery. Click “Read more” to read the article.

2. Photos (if any)

3. Gallery Link (if needed)

4. Cut / Read more

5. Copy & paste the full interview

  • Bold the questions if the interview is in question – answer format

6. Wrap the interview text in a blockquote


<quoteblock>paste interview here</quoteblock>
1. Description

  • Occasion (bold)
  • Date
  • Location


It was announced Today (March 8) that FLETCHER will be performing at the 2022 Sea.Hear.Now Festival on September 17, 2022. The event will take place in FLETCHER’s hometown, Asbury Park, New Jersey.

2. Big Link

<h3><a href=”“>link text here</a>

3. Photo (poster, artwork)



Text ListMedia TableProject Information
  1. Icon from font awesome (
  2. Title of page Link
  3. Description



  1. Directions
  2. Table of contents (shortcode ultimate box)
  3. Headings (with anchor link)
  4. Tables in sections
  5. Linked image (to project page)
  6. Linked title (to project page)


  1. Artwork / Poster / Project image
  2. Links to project (official)
  3. Quick information (bold)
  4. Project description
  5. Information (extended version of quick info)
  6. Tracklist (table)
  7. Information about each song (short code ultimate spoiler)
  8. Photos links to music videos (with tooltips / hover text)
  9. Photos (linked to their albums)
  10. Gallery link button