Tutorials: The Photo Gallery (Coppermine Photo Gallery)

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1. About the Gallery
• The Layout
• Log In/Out & Profile

2. Making Categories & Albums
• Make a Category
• Make an Album

3. Uploading/Adding Photos
• Uploading via FTP
• Add Photos to an Album

4. Other Gallery Settings
• Config(uration)
• Album Properties
• Edit Files


The LayoutLog In/Out & Profile
The photo gallery has many areas:

  1. CPG menu — Links that take you around the (public) gallery
  2. Admin menu — Links that only show for administrative users
  3. Main Gallery — This shows the albums, categories, album view, image view

Full size image: right click > “Open image in new tab”

In the Main Gallery area:

Category(ies): A text link to other categories or albums. Also shows how many albums & files are inside. Another category(ies) can be put in a category(ies)

(full size)

Album / Album List: This holds a set of photos. An album is often shown in an album list within a category. An album list shows the album thumbnail, title & how many photos it has.

(full size)

Album View: When you click on an album, you will be taken to the album view. This will show thumbnails of all the photos within the album

(full size)

Picture View: When you click on a thumbnail form the album view, you will be taken to a new of the single photo. From there, you can right click & get the image options.
*even though it does not get bigger, the full sized image will download/copy

(full size)

1. To login: from the CPG menu, click “Login”

  • Username: nicole
  • Password: temporaryCF

(full image)

  • You will then be able to see the admin menu

(full image)

2. To logout: form the admin menu click “Logout [nicole]”

(full size)

3. To view/edit your profile: from the admin menu, Click “My Profile”

  • Here, you can edit/change your email & password

(full size)



Make a CategoryMake an Album

*see the “Templates” page for Category naming examples

This is the Categories List page. Each indent is a sub-category.
*You can see this working by clicking through the main gallery (front page)A Category can have a sub-category, and that-sub category can have a sub-category.Simple Example:

  1. Main Category
    1. Sub-category
      • Another Category in sub-category

Categories can have multiple sub-categories:

  1. Main Category
    1. Sub-category #1
      1. Another Cateory in sub-category
    2. Sun Category #2

(full size)


1. From the admin menu, click “Categories”

(full size)

2. Scroll down to the “Update/Create Category” section

3. Fill out the form:

  • Parent Category: choose where you want the category to go (* No category * = main page)
  • Category Title: Put the name of the category here
  • Description: Describe the category (optional – leave blank for years)
    *see other categories for description example(s)

4. Click the “Update/Create Category” button

5. Use the blue arrow buttons to rearrange the category (move up/down within category)

*newest year goes on top

(full size)

— Move to top

— Move to bottom

— Move up (1)

— Move down (1)

— Delete category

— Edit category

*see the “Templates” page for Album naming examples

1. From the admin menu, click “Albums”
You’ll be taken to/see the Album Manager

  • This shows a list of all the ablums in a category
  • Can also be seen via the dropdown menu

(full size)

(full size)

2. Click “New Album”

3. Type the album name into the box

4. Click “Okay”


The album will be added to the list. You can use the blue arrows or the 4-arrows icon to move the albums up/down

— Move to top

— Move to bottom

— Move up (1)

— Move down (1)

— Drag album to desired position (click & hold)

*When an album is moved, a yellow box will appear saying: “Sorting changes are not saved until you click “Apply changes”.” — Click “Apply Changes”



Uploading via FTPAdd Photos to an Album


  • Photos cannot be bigger than 3000px (on either side – WxH)
  • Photos cannot be over 1MB (file size) I try to stay around 700-800

The Website Directory mimics the gallery.

  • You’ll see photos of the main categories
  • Within the main categories, you will be folder of the sub categories and so on.
  • Then you’ll see photos of the albums

*I try to organize and name everything similarly on the website & in my local files

1. Open your FTP client of choice

2. From your local folders/files (left), go to the folders/files you want to upload

3. In the Website Directory, go to: public_html > gallery > albums > photos

From there, the directory should mimic the gallery

4. Continue go the the folder you want the new album (+ files) in. You can either drag over the folder with files OR make a new folder & drag the files in

(full size)

Important Note: Before doing this, make sure you have MADE THE ALBUM

1. From the admin menu, click “Batch add files”

(full size)

*You’ll be taken the directory list (just like the FTP client)

2. Click “Photos” & continue to go to the folder you just uploaded via FTP

(full size)

3. Click the folder to enter it (should see all files listed)

4. Click “OK”

You’ll be taken to a page that displays the photos chosen for upload (images may appear smaller)

5. From the dropdown, Select the album you want the photos to be in (red outline)

6. Maker sure all of the files are selected (green outline)

7. Click “Insert selected files” (blue outline)

(full size)

The photos should start uploading – checknarks appearing next to them
*if a check does not appear or this green icon  appears, make sure to double check the image and file size – then re-upload
Once those are done uploading, you’ll be taken to the Edit Files page that shows all of the files and their information

8. Click “Album Properties”


(full size)

9. Scroll down to Album thumbnail and choose a photo that looks good for the thumbnail (red outline)

10. Click “Update album” (green outline)

*You can also change the album title, description and category here





Config(uration)Album PropertiesEdit Files

1. From the admin menu, click “Config”

Here you will see a list of various settings. These settings help with how the gallery looks — how many albums are shown, how many rows and columns are shown, etc. The headings are toggle (show/hide) sections. (highlighted yellow)

2. Click the heading or the + next to a heading to see its settings. You can also click the “expand all” to show all settings or “collapse all” to hide all settings (green outline)

The highlighted headings are the most used settings.

1. General Settings: Edit the gallery information such as the title, description, url & more
2. Theme Settings: Change the theme (look/layout) of the gallery.

(full size)

3. Album List View: Change the look of the album list view

• Show how many categories are show an at time (when there are sub-categories) [1],

• Number of albums shown per page [12] (red bracket)

• How many columns the albums are in [2] (blue bracket)

• Album thumbnails size (on the album list view pages) (green outline)

• What shows in the gallery (it looks like: breadcrumb/lastalb,1/catlist/alblist/lastup,2) breadcrumb = gallery navigation / lastalb,1 = Latest album, 1 row / catlist = category list / alblist = album list / lastup,2 = latest updated files, 2 rows

(full size)

4. Thumbnail View: Edit the album view page(s)

• Show how many columns there are on 1 page [5] (red outline)

• Show how many rows there are on 1 page [6] (blue outline)

• Number of page tabs to show [5] (if more than 5, “…” will show) (green outline)

• What order the files are in [name order – abc, 123] (yellow outline)


(full size)

5. Thumbnail Settings: Change the width & height of the album view thumbnails  


(full size)


1. Go into an album (view)

2. Click Album Properties”

Here, you can edit the album’s: (red outline)

  • Title
  • Category
  • Thumbnail
  • Delete all files/photos

and more!

Make sure to save the settings (green outline)

*You can also click the link to edit the individual files by clicking “Edit files” (blue outline)


(full size)

1. Go into an album (view)

2. Click ”  Edit files”

(full size)


Here, you will see a list of all of the individual photos in the album.

Here you can edit (red outline):

  • Album location (which album the file is in)
  • Delete the file

and more

You can also choose how many files are displayed in this list at one time (blue outline)

Make sure to save the setting

*You can also go to the album properties by clicking “Albums Properties” (green outline)


(full size)