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Complete design for your social media account

Icons  /  Sidebar Pictures  /  Blends  /  etc.

  This pack includes:  
  • Image file(s)
  • Choice of size
  • Choice of quantity (how many)
PICTURE EXAMPLE (click to view)
GIF EFFECT EXAMPLE (click to view)
FULL GIF EXAMPLE (click to view)

Pack 5A: Small Picture — $0.80 (each)

  • Icon, Blend, Sidebar image, etc
  • No bigger than 400px (default: 100px)


Pack 5B: Large Picture – $1.30 (each)

  • Flyer, Promotional image, etc.
  • No larger than 800px


Pack 5C: GIF Effect – $1.60 (each)

  • GIF Effect around main image/celebrity (moving stars, changing words, etc.)
  • GIF Effect Icon = $1.00 /each (under 400px)
  • No larger than 800px


Pack 5D: Full GIF – $1.80 (each)

  • Full GIF image (changing person(s), changing image, etc.)
  • Full GIF icon = $1.30 /each (under 400px)
  • No larger than 800px

For a design bigger than 800px, please see: Package #8 – Combination / Something Else

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