Rules, Terms & Conditions

  1. You must be serious about wanting a design.  (don’t want wasted time)
  2. You must have the design(s) up for at least 1 Month (30 days)
  3. Do not claim my work as yours
  4. You must give credit in the sidebar/credit area/tweet:
    Link:   Text: Finding Colors
  5. Do not make changes to the final design(s) received (ask during preview)
  6. Photos must be high quality & not tagged  (photoshoots are preferred)
  7. To prove that you have read and agree to the rules; colors is the keyword
  • I have the right to not accept an order
  • I have the right to not complete an order
  • If you do not follow the rules, I have have the right to deny future orders
  • You must save & re-host/re-upload your images/files ( read more… )
  • I only accept payment via PayPal!
  • All prices are listed in United States Dollar (USD)
  • Make sure to pick “send to friends/family” when sending payment
  • My prices cover the PayPal fee ( read more… )
  • Once I finish your order I will send a preview
  • When you are happy with the design, I will ask you to send the payment to my PayPal email
  • I will send the final product (full size/high quality image) when I receive the payment
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