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Revised on: March 5, 2023


  • Site/Blog/Website: findingcolors.fancrave.net and all pages.
  • Me/I: The owner/admin owner of the site.
  • Content/Material/My Work/Themes/Designs: All of the resources provided on this website and through the blog.
  • Vintage Love Designs: The previous name of the website and the name I put my designs under before November 2020
  • You: The individuals browsing this website and/or wanting to use the products given by the owner

Unless stated otherwise, I, the admin of Finding Colors reserve the rights to all of the content – including anything labeled “Vintage Love Designs” – provided on this website. Below are the lists of what you may and my not do while using this site.

You May:
  • View this website on any type of web browsing system
  • Bookmark/Save this website to to your browser favorites or desktop/home screen for later reference
  • Print or screenshot any section of this website for personal use only
  • Copy & Paste content (ex: forms, posts, information) from this website for the purpose of ordering or buying products from Finding Colors.
  • Download and/or use content when given the proper permission (download link)
  • Have fun!


You May Not:
  • Replicate, Copy, Steal, or Republish any content from this site
  • Remove or change any logos or credits from any content on this site- including anything labeled “Vintage Love Designs”
  • Claim any of my work as your own
  • Take any inspiration or content from this site without prior permission and proper credit
  • Use any content from this website as a base for your own product without prior permission and proper credit
  • Use this website to send or produce any mean, hateful, insulting, discriminating, or any other inappropriate messages or information



The lists below contain what you may or may not do with any themes, graphic designs, tutorials and other resources that I have released under the name(s) Finding Colors and Vintage Love Designs.

You May:
  • View the preview(s)
  • Copy/Download the code(s) and/or designs when given proper permission and credit
  • View content for minor inspiration – seeing that credit is given
  • View the code(s) to see how something is done
  • Add wedgets or update tabs made by others to my themes


You May Not:
  • Remove, delete, or edit any credit or logo
  • Copy, Replicate, Steal, Republish or Claim any of my work as yours
  • Use a theme, graphic, or other resource as a base unless permission is given
  • Take pieces of my work and use it on something else – unless permission is given
  • Use any theme on a website it was not made for (ex: Tumblr themes cannot be used on WordPress, etc)
  • Download, Steal, Repost any custom/ordered content that was not made for you
  • Sell, Rent or many any kind of profit (money) off of my work



I, the admin of the website have the right to limit the access to, delete and or remove sections of the website without prior notice. I also reserve the right to deny commissions/orders.


I take my work and the protection of it seriously. If I find that my work is stolen or being against the terms & above, Finding Colors may take action – seeking compensation and demand to stop using the stolen material.
If you find that Finding Colors (or Vintage Love Designs) materials are being wrongfully used, please contact me.

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